The New York Post reviews Spanking Shakespeare. Do you like Adrian Mole? Read on!

The Chicago Tribune recommends Spanking Shakespeare

Spanking Shakespeare, a Book Sense Fall 2007Children’s Pick

PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY starred review for Spanking Shakespeare

The Detroit Free Press review of Spanking Shakespeare.

The Assembly on Literature For Adolescents BILL’S BEST BOOKS JUNE 2007 Spanking Shakespeare!

Like Adrian Mole?  The N.Y. Post says you’ll like Shakespeare, too!

The Miami Herald has 2 boys choose their favorite 2007 books.

12 year-old Sophie Apple talks about Shakespeare

ALA names Spanking Shakespeare as a 2008 BBYA(Best Book for Young Adults)

January Magazine, Holiday Gift Guide

Read Jake’s blog post on YA for OBAMA

Not Your Mother’s Book Club best of 2007

“…unashamedly cheeky book sure to please readers.” Hypothesized

Robin Brande, author of Evolution, Me, and Other Freaks of Nature writes about Jake in her blog

check out not your mother’s bookclub and sea heidi write

scroll down to the bottom of this page for a teen review from genrefluent

Library Maven best books of 2007


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